Our change of pace back - Taiwan Jones

One thing we must get out of the 2011 draft is a true playmaker. Hopefully we will get two, a wide receiver and a change-of-pace back. To me, a true playmaker is one that can score from anywhere on the field. A combination of speed, vision and moves that puts fear into the opposing defense.

Mr. Jones is 6'0 and 194 lbs. Jones rushed for over 1,700 yards (averaging a whopping 7.1 yards a carry) and had 17 total TDs. He did not work out at the combine because of a broken foot but has his pro-day set for April14th. His trainer is claiming he is running an incredible 1.42 10 yard split - what some scouts think is the most important stat for a running back. If he runs in the low 4.3's on his pro day he will likely go in rounds 4-6. Check out his highlight video. I was really impressed with his hustle on a quarterback fumble and the number of times he caused missed tackles.

Much of this is recorded at Eastern Washington's hideous red field so if you suffer from epilepsy, or are on hallucinogens, Red Bull or have just finished watching a Keanu Reeves movie please consider yourself forewarned.