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NFLPA events will not overlap with the 2011 NFL Draft

The NFLPA will make its presence known in New York City during the 2011 NFL Draft, but it will not host simultaneous events for draft picks. That means the players invited to Radio City Music Hall will be able to attend the draft as well as the NFLPA slate of events. Joint custody. 

Not so long ago, an idea for players to boycott the draft all together earned a loud chorus of boos from fans and the media. Poorly calculated as a way to take a shot at the NFL's television ratings for the premier offseason event, denying fresh faced kids the rather non-partisan opportunity to be introduced to the world instead smacked of pettiness. The NFLPA quickly walked back from its lead trial balloon. 

Instead, the NFLPA (or whatever the non-union union is called now) will host a reception for players and their families hours before the first round kicks off on Thursday, April 28. The next day, prior to the start of the second and third rounds, prospects will have the chance to mingle with veteran players at an event. On Saturday night, after the draft wraps up, there will be another event.