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Turf Show Radio (Mar. 26th) recap

  I knew when I set up Turf Show Radio for a special late-night/West Coast edition, things were going to be different.

  The show and the breakdown after the jump.

  Thanks to Drew from One Bronco Nation Under God for the Boise St. segment, and thanks to KnoxFan, T.Ram and JordansDad for calling in.

 - 0:01 - It's the Turf Show Radio Quiet Storm...

 - 0:51 - Drew joins the show, and reveals that he is one of the three Americans who didn't fill out an NCAA bracket

 - 3:41 - Is Boise St. turning into a perennial prospect machine?

 - 7:34 - The NFL may not be a huge component of the Bronco's recruiting efforts, but character sure is.

 - 10:19 - Austin Pettis & Titus Young - are they ready for the next level?

 - 13:50 - 14:23 - Techincal difficulties.  OBNUG curse, or did the NFL try and lockout Turf Show Radio?

 - 16:44 - How is the lockout being perceived in a part of the country where there is no NFL?

 - 20:01 - Drew hopes Boise St. alums remain compassionate and down-to-earth once they get to the NFL.

 - 23:09 - KnoxFan arrives.

 - 25:53 - If A.J. Green and Julio are off the board and the Rams grab a defensive lineman in round 1, what's the plan for round 2?

 - 28:07 - T.Ram joins the show, and I have to bring the sultry sounds back to welcome him in.

 - 28:51 - Tevin puts the question to me: Austin Pettis or Titus Young?

 - 31:20 - More round 2 discussion.  Are bound to be surprised by position and/or an individual pick after round 1?

 - 33:58 - JordansDad jumps in from the West Coast.

 - 34:42 - Making the case for going after Green or Jones, even if it means trading up.

 - 36:00 - Making the case pt. 2

 - 39:38 - What kind of WR does JordansDad want to add into the mix?

 - 40:40 - Closing the show out.

  Again, thanks to Drew and the callers for filling the show up.