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Best of TST: Mar. 21-27

From the front page authors

 - Do we even want to see Sam Bradford on the Madden '12 cover?  According to the poll, yes, but not overwhelmingly so.  The official ESPN-sponsored voting for the first round ends today.

 - The St. Louis Rams + HBO's Hard Knocks = ?  Sometimes, there are no answers.

 - Billy Devaney and James Carville, uh, met this week.  At least Devaney handled himself better than Peter Griffin did...

 - No, Jerry Jones won't be opening up their books any time soon, but if more teams are willing to throw as much on the table as the Bears are, he might find himself in a pretty uncomfortable minority.  Uncomfortable and rich.

 - What prospects have the Rams interviewed or worked out to this point?

 - The chances that the Rams will snag either A.J. Green or Julio Jones in the first round are getting slimmer by the day.  Time to come to grips.

 - Does that mean Mark Ingram is a real possibility in the first round?  Say it ain't so...

 - The infamous A.J. Green-less mock draft.

 - The Rams won't have any compensatory picks this year.  Billy D & Co. are going to have to be more diligent than ever doing their homework to get a player or two of value from day 3.

 - With O.J. Atogwe now playing for Dan "He Hate Me" Snyder in Washington, how big of a hole do we have at safety?

 - And lastly, if this lockout stretches into the late summer, there are other things on Earth we can spend our time on.  They might not be nearly as important as reading up on OTAs, but there are things.

From the community

 - NFL Draft Prospects '11: WR (stlcardsfan4): If you're still unschooled on what WRs are in play in this year's draft, get schooled.

 - 2011 mock: offensive playmakers edition (buckeyefan55): If you like explosive offense, you will not be able to sleep after reading this Rams mock.

 - Josh McDaniels Qb Coach (RG31): The Dick Curl-Pat Shurmur partnership has given way to the Josh McDaniels show.  That could be a very good thing.