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2011 NFL Draft: OG Rodney Hudson receiving first round consideration?

It feels good to be back. It also feels good to be a gangsta, but I'm not one for delving into long depositions on how I spent my weekend. At any rate, I did flip on the interwebs last night to get caught up, and was reminded of just how fast things shift this time of year, vis a vis the 2011 NFL Draft (I knew nothing would give on the lockout front). 

With the St. Louis Rams widely expected to target a guard in the early rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft, it's worth keeping an eye on the top players at that position. One name that hasn't received as much attention as the other top interior OL is Florida State OG Rodney Hudson. Expected to be a second round pick, Rob Rang of notes that Hudson has moved on to teams' radar as a possible consolation prize for Florida's Mike Pouncey and Baylor's Danny Watkins.

Hudson can play both guard and center, something that would make him a huge asset to the Rams. The knock on him has been his size; he weighed 290 lbs at the Senior Bowl. However, by the time the Combine rolled around a month later, he was up to 299 lbs, easing concerns about adding some weight before playing in the NFL. Weight might not be a factor as some prospect watchers say that he plays 30 lbs heavier because of his strength and explosiveness. 

And a note about draft stock. Not every player whose name is worthy of first round consideration will be drafted in the first round. It's a scramble this year between the middle of both rounds and anything can happen...and will. That said, it's probably a stretch to think that Hudson will be there when the Rams make their second round pick.