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NFL Announces Draft Picks - Rams Get No Compensatory

The NFL announced the entire official team draft picks Friday (due to compensatory picks announcement) and the Rams have not been awarded any compensatory picks. Not really  a huge surprise, but the Rams still head into the draft with a full plethora of choices, albeit except for the sixth round.

The Rams do have two seventh round choices however, because of the deal with Baltimore, with Mark Clayton.

The signing of Mark Clayton last year was one of the better acquisitions the Rams have seen in recent years, without a doubt... that is, outside the draft. The Rams traded a sixth round choice, for Clayton and Baltimore's seventh rounder.

It seems so nice to get a player of Clayton's caliber for essentially nothing doesn't it? A far cry from Front Office past.

Clayton was injured fairly early last season, but still made quite the impression. So much so, that the Rams have been stating he will be resigned as soon as this, ahem (whispering) "lockout" is over.

I know, seventh round choices are nothing to brag about however, looking at the Rams past seventh round successes, you can't argue that the Rams have definitely had an eye for late round bloomers.

Madison Hedgecock
Ryan Fitzpatrick

Mark Setterstrom

David Vobora

Not an all world list, but still, you can't argue that these players did contribute, and are still contributing.. if not with the Rams, elsewhere in the league.

From ESPN, here's the complete Rams 2011 Draft breakdown:

1 14

2 47

3 78

4 112

5 145

7 215

7 227 From BAL

Will the Rams pull some seventh round magic in 2011? Perhaps the real magic would be an end to the lockout fiasco so we can play some football.