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Turf Show Radio = Saturday night fever


Turf Show Radio returns tomorrow night at a special time: 11pm ET. It's an official semi-official barely official not-at-all official West Coast special episode, so all you Cali-based TSTers and Portland peoples, this is your night. Just call (818) 495-6910, and hit it up with me.

I'll be rolling solo tomorrow night for a special edition of Turf Show Radio; Van has decided to spend the weekend in his Japanese radiation protection pod and won't be able to run the show.

So to help me out, Drew from One Bronco Nation Under God, SBN's Boise St. community, is going to hook me up with some expert knowledge for the first segment. The Broncos could have between three and five alums join the NFL next month, and with two wide receivers and a certain safety among them, the Rams are certainly a potential landing spot.

So call in or hit me up in the open thread. I've got 30 minutes of live air with the 15-minute overtime to fill. This could get interesting.