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Get used to the Rams not selecting a wide receiver in the first round.

First, it seemed like a given that the Rams would select Julio Jones, then things started getting iffy with Jones great off season, now it's starting to look bleak. It's just been reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Falcons would like to trade up to the Browns 6th spot, if A.J Green is still there. With a rookie cap most likely to be in place for this draft class, and the Falcons not having many needs, the Falcons could survive giving up a few draft picks. You never know what will happen in the draft, but with no free agency this season, it seems like teams will reach for a position need more than usual.

Of course, a lot of events would have to happen for that trade to take place, but with the other draft news that appeared today about the Bills, you can start to see how the pieces are falling. The Bills are the wildcard, and it seems like they like Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert.. Here's a quote from Tony Softli.

"Don’t be surprised if quarterback-friendly head coach Chan Gailey makes a hard play for Newton if he is still on the board. Sources say they feel [Newton] is the franchise quarterback for the Bills’ organization and would have time to develop because of [Ryan] Fitzpatrick’s presence on the roster," Softli writes.

Peter King said that the Bengals like Julio Jones over A.J Green. With the Browns, the Redskins, and now the Falcons willing to trade up for A.J Green. It's starting to look bad for the Rams if they decide to wait on a wide receiver to drop to 14.