Josh McDaniels Qb Coach

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From the Post -Dispatch:

I think that's the safe statement, We're going to head that way, at least this year. And I think it's a good thing. Josh has done it that way before. I think it's terrific that Sam will get the direct how-to-do-it, everything Josh is thinking...

Now, you can put a quarterback coach in there and it works fine, but for the first year of absorbing it...I feel real comfortable because Josh has done it this way. Josh is really efficient with his time and his work. And when they finally get together, I just think it'll be good.

Josh is now the QB coach of the rams as well as the OC.

Me personally, I like it, but there are some that will disagree *cough cough* infemous lol but I think this is great. Him having direct contact with QBs has been great in the past look at Cassel and Orton.

Kyle Orton had his two best seasons with McDaniels:

2009: 3802 yards and

2010: 3652 yards.

And also having his best years in TDs 21 last year and 20 this year.

Then there's Matt Cassel:

Who also had his best year with Josh

2008: 3693 yards (Best in his career)

2008: 21 td (2nd best in career)

Coincidence? I think not and just think what he could do with Sam Bradford!! There way be some naysayers but there guy gets results on offense, maybe not as head coach but excels with QB's There might be some concern of letting McDaniels have too much power but I believe Spags can keep a lid on it. Of course he's going to have his outburst and that's expected but as long as he doesn't become a distraction I'm seeing this as a good thing.

Good job Rams