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Todd McShay on the Julio Jones vs A.J. Green debate

Wide receiver A.J. Green will take out these cones!
Wide receiver A.J. Green will take out these cones!

ESPN's other draft person, Todd McShay, waded into the waters of the second biggest debate over 2011 NFL Draft prospects, whether or not Alabama's Julio Jones is the better pick than Georgia's A.J. Green. McShay puts Green ahead of Jones without hesitation. 

Here's McShay as quoted by Evan Silva from Rotoworld and NBC Sports:

I don't think (Jones) has closed the gap. ... Green provides more explosiveness, big-play ability.

McShay also chimes in on Jones v. Green in the blocking department, nothing that teams taking Jones above Green because he's a better blocker misses the point. A rare moment of clarity from McShay. 

The thing I notice most of all about Green are his hands. It seems like he catches everything. When you watch him on the field, it's just hard to deny the kind of gamebreaking talent he has. And that's not to imply Jones is just some schlub. Not at all. There's a very valid reason that Jones could be off the table before the St. Louis Rams make their first round pick.