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Rams GM Billy Devaney takes exception with Carville's NFC West comments

As if the labor dispute weren't enough to keep tempers hot, now comes a new, mini-controversy centered on the NFC West. This latest tempest in the NFL's teapot comes via remarks made by worn-out politico James Carville, who addressed NFL owners and team executives at the annual meeting this week. During his remarks Carville, a long-time Democratic party strategist, made a quip comparing the current crop of Republican presidential contenders to the NFC West, using the term weak to describe both groups. 

The Rajun Cajun's lame talk radio joke didn't fly with St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney. Devaney confronted Carville after his speech, but it wasn't quite as heated as Adam Schefter reported. Greg Aiello, the NFL's PR guy, took a break from taking pot shots at the players to fill in the details. 

Naturally, the whole thing was quickly resolved.

The first words from Devaney and Carville's exchange would be the most entertaining. Maybe Devaney's a Sarah Palin fan? Another question, what about all the dings the division took from the tedious announcers on SportsCenter, etc.? 

Either way, at least one NFL dispute has been resolved.