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Teams calling about Cowboys' ninth pick

Knuckle-tapper extraordinaire and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told the press yesterday that teams have already contacted him about trading for his team's ninth overall pick in the first round. There is, no doubt, a kernel of truth to what Jones says; executives probably have inquired about the pick, albeit casually. More than anything, Mr. Jones is engaging in a bit of marketing, trying to drum up a little more interest in his team's top ten spot in the if that would make the rest of America forget just how laughably bad the Cowboys were last season. 

To some extent I wonder if Jones isn't interested in trading up from number nine, maybe with his eye on LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson. That's the only trade-up scenario my dull little mind can conjure. Trading down would net Jones more picks and perhaps a shot at an offensive tackle further down in the draft...of course, they do have Alex Barron. 

Finally, we have to wonder if the St. Louis Rams aren't a team interested in trading up in the hopes of nabbing one of the draft's two best receivers. My educated guess would be that Devaney will not trade up, sacrificing other precious draft picks. If the Rams were to miss out on Julio Jones or A.J. Green, trading down in the first would make more sense, trying to get a player from the second tier of receivers in the draft. Or, they could just wait until their second round pick to grab one. 

It's also worth noting that there is a decent shot Jones and Green would both be gone. If the Bengals were to take one of the two players at #4 the Browns could snatch the other one at #6.