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HBO should feature the St. Louis Rams on "Hard Knocks"

It came out today that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of several teams that could be featured on the HBO documentary series "Hard Knocks." There are no whispers of who the other potential candidates might be. In light of that let me proffer the St. Louis Rams

In all seriousness, if you want to let the powers that be know the Rams should be featured on "Hard Knocks" recommend and like the heck out of this post. get it out there on Twitter and Facebook where they can hear our plea.

Let's go through the pros and cons of having the Rams featured on the show.


  • The Rams are an up and coming team with some exciting young talent. There's Sam Bradford, obviously, an All-American kid with a smile from ear to ear and the aw shucks attitude that the whole country can embrace. 
  • Danny Amendola is a veteran of the show. Experience matters. 
  • Steven Jackson deserves some spotlight time. He may never get the chance to win a Super Bowl with the Rams, so why not let put the man on the level of super -stardom he deserves?
  • Damn good narrative. The Rams tasted success last year and now find themselves at a critical juncture in the franchise. Poised to take the next step, the show would chronicle a team ready to take the next step after years of being overlooked for good reason.
  • The Rams need the marketing help. TV ratings increased by 66 percent last year, but a full dome was hard to find without importing fans from other teams.


  • All this four pillars stuff could have rendered the team a little boring. I doubt it, but the Rams would be much less likely to have the off-field subplots of other teams.
  • Spagnuolo might be inclined to live without the distraction. This is still a young team, for the most part. This kind of spotlight might just be more of a distraction for team that needs to start winning in 2011. Wins are still the best marketing you can get for an NFL team. 
  • Small market team. The Rams aren't the Cowboys or the Jets, but they have had the Chiefs on there before. Is that too much Missouri?
  • football, no "Hard Knocks." That's pretty simple. 
Ok, I can't think of any more arguments against the Rams being featured on the show. It's a win-win pretty much anyway you look at it. 

Anxious to hear your thoughts on this one.