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2011 NFL Draft: Will Julio Jones be the first wide receiver off the board?

The space between the two most talented wide receivers in the 2011 NFL Draft is closing on team draft boards according to Peter King. Alabama's Julio Jones and Georgia's A.J. Green have excited draft watchers for a long time now, but the Jones v. King debate began in earnest following Jones' impressive Combine performance, in which the 220 lbs receiver ran a sub-4.4 forty...with a fractured foot. 

So, could Julio Jones get picked before A.J. Green in the draft? It's very possible. King cites a source who says at least two teams have Jones above Green on their draft board. One of those teams is the Bengals who own the 4th pick, according to King. If the Bengals draft a receiver, the pick could very easily be Jones. However, the Bengals have also been pretty up front about their need for a QB, whether that happens via a straight up pick or some horse trading remains to be seen.

If Jones gets picked at #4, it would virtually guarantee that the St. Louis Rams will not be picking a receiver in the first round, barring a trade up to get Jones or Green or a trade down to get a guy like Torrey Smith

And, it's worth remembering that there are no sure things in the draft, first-round pick or not. On Sando's blog yesterday questions about Jones' ability to get deep came up in a conversation with Rob Rang of and Steve Muench of Scouts, Inc.