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2011 NFL Draft: Rams get Jones, thanks to Carson Palmer?

The head honchos over at SBNation rolled out their latest mock draft today. As with the last one, this one again has the St. Louis Rams stumbling across Alabama WR Julio Jones. Fans rejoice, there is still hope that Jones falls all the way to #14 (stupid successful season) as long as one mock draft predicts it, right? 

There's one draft pick change in this mock draft that could happen in the real thing next month which could potentially impact the players available to the Rams at #14. This morning Peter King reported in his MMQ column that Carson Palmer is dead serious about retiring if the Bengals don't move him. Trade Palmer or watch him hang it up, either way it creates a big need for that team. 

Georgia receiver A.J. Green has been the popular pick for the Bengals at #4 in the mock drafts lately. However, if thye opt for a QB over Green, then he would likely fall to one of two spots. Cleveland, now coached by Pat Shurmur, could use a playermaker for developing QB Colt McCoy, but they could also use some talent on their defensive line. If they passed on Green, he could easily slip all the way to Washington picking at the #10 spot. Jones has long been considered the likely pick for Washington. If Green drops to Washington, that makes it very likely that Jones would fall to St. Louis. 

If, if,'s kind of ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as mock drafts in general.