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Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd arrested for DUI, putting his senior season and draft stock at risk

The 2011 NFL Draft is still more than a month away. A lockout has the 2011 NFL season in serious jeopardy. So against that backdrop were already talking about the 2012 NFL Draft? Yes, because one of the draft's top prospects, Notre Dame WR Micheal Floyd, gave his draft stock a serious hit with a DUI arrest early Sunday morning

That's the second alcohol-related problem for Floyd. He received a citation for underage drinking in his hometown of Minneapolis, MN just over a year ago. 

Ok, DUIs and MIPs, really, it's just part of being young and stupid. However, NFL teams don't take those things too lightly with regards to draft stock and the league's personal conduct policies. That's not even the biggest threat to Floyd's draft stock. According to The Big Lead, a second alcohol-related citation could put Floyd's senior season at ND "in jeopardy." 

Floyd could be suspended or expelled from school, and head coach Brian Kelly could also dole out some punishment. 

Had Floyd come out for this year's draft, he would have likely been a first round pick. Pundits had him graded out as the third best WR behind A.J. Green and Julio Jones. He may not be as high a pick as WRs like Justin Blackmon or Alshon Jeffery, but he still looks like a first round pick...or he did.