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Best of TST: Mar. 14-20

  It's long overdue for the site to throw out a weekly wrap-up.  It's even more important to start this series, because we have so many informed, strong-penned members adding great commentary and pieces of their own.

  Here are the highlights from last week at Turf Show Times:

From the front page authors

 - Turf Show Radio recap: Todd from Roll Bama Roll, RamChop and Knoxfan helped us knockout another great episode of TSR.

 - A look at the Rams' options in a (probable) no-cap free agent market: Van ran through possible free agents on the market and which Rams' contracts have expired.

 - Danny Amendola is Wes Welker: Finkle is Einhorn!

 - Rams hunt for a running back continues, prompting some "what ifs": Is Mikel LeShoure the complement Steven Jackson and the Rams need?

 - The lockout scoreboard (part 1, part 2): It's a battle to get to -25...

 - Will one of these elite talents drop to 14 because of their Wonderlic Test?: Will Patrick Peterson or A.J. Green fall on draft day because of poor Wonderlic scores?

From the community

 - Contemplating life without Julio (gomer7): What to do, what to do...

 - Who's side are you on? (cgerken44): Easy answer?  Both the players and ownership.

 - 3 mocks...3 different scenarios (ramat): Right now, it's Julio or trade down.

 - It's drafty in here. (mooseknuckles41): Running down how former GM/destroyer of worlds Jay Zygmunt would play this draft out.  Not on the list: trading Sam Bradford to an NFC West team for a box of radishes.

 - "It's all about build around the QB" (Brawnwitch) & what's more important? (ramat): Thinking about needs correctly means more than just identifying positions to upgrade.

 - Drew Hill: Titans, Rams and NFL Fans Say Goodbye to a Legend (Crazy Canton Cuts): R.I.P.