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Temple S Jaiquawn Jarrett will visit Rams

The St. Louis Rams have lined up another pre-draft visit. Temple S Jaiquawan Jarrett is the fourth confirmed prospect that the Rams will visit or workout. And just who is Jarrett?

Jarrett is a 6' 198 lbs free safety who started for three years at Temple. On the surface, he passes the four pillars test, team MVP last year and an honor roll student. He posted forty time of  4.54 and a 4.62 at the Combine. During his three years of play, Jarrett picked off 8 passes and racked up 150 tackles. 

Jarrett is from Brooklyn, which has no relevance whatsoever, just an interesting fact since you don't run into many NFLers from Brooklyn...maybe the hipsters that gentrified the place will start producing football players as their spawn turn to less ironic past times in flights of youthful rebellion. Anyway, last summer, Chad Reuter penned this short article on Jarrett that gives some insight into his background and playing style. As far as why he's attractive to teams in a weak year for safeties, versatility, of course. 

Jarrett's play the past three seasons shows he is the type of versatile defensive back NFL teams covet. He makes quarterbacks pay for mistakes downfield, flies up to the line in run support and can even line up opposite a slot receiver in man coverage.

Hmm, covering the slot, that's not something the Rams needed at all last season... 

He's viewed as anywhere from a third- to fifth-round pick. The scouting report from CBS paints a picture of a solid all-around player. His hands probably keep him from being a second-round pick as well as the overall polish inherent in the small school bias. 

Exactly the kind of safety the Rams like.