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Will one of these elite talents drop to 14 because of their Wonderlic Test?

As we all know, the Wonderlic isn't a real indicator on how good a player is. If this was the case more Ivy League football players would be stars; however, when two of the SEC's best have five of the worst scores in this draft, it does worry you. Who are these two players? None other than A.J. Green, who scored a 10, and Patrick Peterson, who scored a 9. Yes, the test is hard, but wow that's as bad as it gets right there. The average score for a cornerback is an 18, and for a WR it is a 17. But here at TST, we want to know how this will effect the Rams, so let's discuss how these two will fit for us. Also for those who are wondering, Julio Jones made a 15.

Patrick Peterson

Out of the two players, Peterson is the one likely to drop. There are three teams in the top 13 who need a CB badly, but they also have big other needs in places and wouldn't lose sleep if he wasn't the pick. However, if he is on the board the Rams would really have to think about taking him.

The Rams play more man defense than anything and would love to have a great man coverage corner. However, he might have to make a transition to safety because of his body size in a couple of years. Or he might just be a big ass shutdown corner.  Who knows at this point.  All I know is the Rams need more playmakers, and he could fit the bill.

A.J Green

Who wouldn't want A.J Green? He has had a rough couple of months competing against Alabama's Julio Jones. It's been a long time since two WR's have been drafted in the top ten selections. I have a feeling that Julio will be the first WR pick, probably going to the Bengals, Browns, Redskins or Vikings. He is a great college WR, but wideouts are usually passed on, and I'm not sure many scouts have him rated as highly as they did Dez Bryant. Still, without a free agency this season, who knows.  Both Green and Jones could be gone.

If Green is somehow available at 14, there is no way the Rams can justify not taking him. The only thing I would worry about is if he can learn the playbook.  Billy D said Mardy Gilyard didn't learn the playbook, and he made a 17. Some scouts are even saying don't teach him all the WR spots, because it would set him up for failure. You can't deny his talent though, and I'm sure McDaniels would make some plays up for him.

For those who want to hear some scouts opinions on these two players go to