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RFA tenders flying: Chargers tender WR Malcom Floyd, Rams issue two more

Free agency is an unknown at best. With the CBA in limbo, teams do not have an idea of which players will be eligible when/if a new deal gets done. Right now, each franchise is issuing tags based on the free agency rules from last year, that said players had to have six seasons of eligibility before reaching free agency. That happened because owners voted to dump the old CBA, which made players eligible for unrestricted free agency after four years. 

The Chargers tendered WR Malcom Floyd at the first- and third-round level, the highest level possible. Mostly, they're just covering their bases. Floyd came into the league in 2004, but doesn't have enough playing time to qualify him with six seasons of service. Many believe that whenever a CBA gets finalized it will revert to the old four-year rule, meaning that Floyd will be an unrestricted free agent. San Diego also extended a tender to S Eric Weddle, who is in a similar situation with regards to RFA/UFA. 

I mention Floyd because he could be one of the higher-end free agent receivers on the market. San Diego has made statements indicating that they'd like to bring him back, but that effort will be complicated after giving the franchise tag (which may mean nothing depending on the CBA) to WR Vincent Jackson. Obviously, whether or not they re-sign Weddle could have an impact on that as well. With Julio Jones' draft stock trading like gangbusters, the Rams might be more keen to do some receiver shopping in free agency.

The St. Louis Rams made a couple more free agent moves this evening, tendering G John Greco with an original-round offer (third) and DT Gary Gibson with the same. Greco has just three years of service, so this is pretty good sign that they intend to hang on to him, at least through training camp. Gibson has four years of service, which puts him in a similar situation as Floyd. The Rams have indicated that they'd like to bring Gibson back. As one of last year's starters, he at least has value as a backup/rotation guy. Ideally, the Rams will have a new DT starting next to Fred Robbins this season.

This season...all of this is contingent upon whether or not there is a next season, le sigh.