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Rams tender Vobora and Chamberlain; Packers cut AJ Hawk

The St. Louis Rams tendered original round offers to restricted free agents David Vobora and Chris Chamberlain today. Both players have just three years of service time and would have been RFAs under either CBA arrangement. Chamberlain and Vobora were both seventh round picks in the 2008 draft that have emerged into useful role players with the team. Chamberlain is a top special teamer and plays nickel linebacker. Vobora has shown an ability to start on the strongside, and was the team's primary starter in 2009 before free agent Na'il Diggs took over in 2010. 

In other linebacker news, the Green Bay Packers cut AJ Hawk in a cost cutting move that was designed to avoid paying him a $10.5 million escalator. Hawk and the Packers were negotiating a new contract. Apparently they didn't get far and the Packers made this move with the March 4 deadline right around the corner. Hawk may or may not be blocked by Nick Barnett. If Hawk does become a free agent, he'll be an attractive commodity for plenty of teams.

It stands to reason that Green Bay will still try to bring him back, but he is free to sign anywhere now.