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Julio Jones: Surgery Saturday, healthy by end of April

Alabama WR Julio Jones will have surgery on his fractured foot this week, on Saturday. With eight weeks of recovery time, he is expected to be ready to go by April 30. The 2011 NFL Draft starts on Thursday, April 28. You do the math. 

I'm not sure it dramatically changes the equation for his draft stock. Jones' Combine performance with a fractured foot could actually boost his draft stock, if teams feel confident in the thorough examinations he's likely to get. Sam Bradford was still picked first overall by the St. Louis Rams, but he also had the chance to prove he was completely healthy again before the draft. 

We noted in a post yesterday that previous pre-draft foot injuries to Michael Crabtree and Demaryius Thomas nudged their stock down a little bit. Nobody will doubt Jones' toughness, but they will want to be assured that it's not the kind of injury that he'll have to keep dealing with throughout the season. Even if Jones isn't 100 percent by the time the first round starts, he should be far enough into his recovery to give teams a solid idea about his immediate future.