"It's all about build around the QB"

Its great to not have to worry about the quarterback position, as any Rams fan can attest to after watching with excitement as each game developed last year. Those of us who would have been happy with 3 wins saw an emerging force develop around Sam Bradford despite losing Donny Avery and Mark Clayton early in the season. The "same old sorry Rams" knocked at the door of the NFC West division title for the first time in years. what? Theories abound. Strengthen the offensive line. Bolster the defensive line. Get a shutdown corner or a safety who can be a game changer. Pleas for a outside linebacker,a standout wideout or a solid backup running back.

At Mizzou Pro day today, Director of College Scouting John Mancini may have tipped the Rams hand in how they may be approaching not only today but the draft in general. We have the luxury of not having to worry about the QB position, and finally centerpiece to build around.

If this is the mind frame the team is going into the draft with, how would it change how you'd look at the 14th pick?