It's drafty in here.

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Some thoughts regarding the first 3 rounds of the draft. This is my scale.

Ideal= Dream scenario. Holy balls. We got our guy.

Settle For= Players that I can live with, not begrudge, and hope for a future.

Whiff= Either a bust, or flat out wrong for our needs.

WWJZD= What would Jay Zygmunt do? Remember him? What if that unholy twat was still running our beloved team?

Ideal: Julio Jones, Aldon Smith
Settle For: Cameron Jordan, Corey Liuget
Whiff: Mark Ingram
WWJZD: Trade up for Cam Newton/Convert him to WR

Ideal: Mason Foster, Bruce Carter
Settle For: Rodney Hudson, Danny Watkins, Drake Nevis
Whiff: Torrey Smith
WWJZD: Take BPA with a rape conviction

Ideal: Tyler Sash, Marvin Austin
Settle For: Robert Sands, Sam Acho
Whiff: Casey Matthews
WWJZD: Draft the rights to Tom Brady's infant son. Trade rights to New England for the secret tape of Super Bowl Walk-Throughs, a copy of "Can't Slow Down" by Lionel Richie, and a bowl of soup (chowder).

If anyone has some inspired Ideals, Whiffs, Settle Fors, or WWJZDs.. please share- i'm bored out of my mind at work.