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Goodell: NFL will prepare for a full season in 2011

Right now, lockout is the rule. No workouts, free agency, player-coach meetings, NFL players can't even attend pro day events at their old schools. And that's just the impact on teams and players. For fans, it's a bummer even worse than watching every St. Louis Rams game from 2007 through 2009. 

On a conference call today with SBNation's NFL writers, commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about a drop dead date for when the 2011 season would officially be delayed. Goodell acknowledged the possibility of a lost season, but also held out some degree of hope. 

The commissioner said that there was no line in the sand for when the league would officially announce a delay to the start of the 2011 season. They are still working on finalizing the complete 2011 schedule and will release it in April, as they do every year. Goodell added that they still expect to play football, a complete season of football, this year.

Circle April 6 on your calendars. There may not be a line in the sand for when the season gets delayed, but that date is the next best hope to get football moving again. Why? April 6 is when Minnesota federal circuit Judge Susan Nelson opens a hearing for an injunction against the lockout. The hope is that Judge Nelson will grant that injunction allowing the NFL to resume operations while the CBA fight drags on in the courts.