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Wonderlicin' good

There are some Rhodes Scholars at quarterback likely headed to the NFL this year. Alabama's Greg McElroy was a Rhodes Scholar finalist. Wonderlic scores continue to leak out, with news of Nevada's Colin Kaepernick scoring a 37 on his Wonderlic test. 

That's not the high this year though. As you might expect, McElroy owns the best one with a 43. Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert scored a 42. Ryan Mallett had a 26, and Cam Newton scored a 21. 

Sam Bradford led the field last year. The St. Louis Rams first round pick and first overall player taken, Bradford scored a 36 on his Wonderlic. Colt McCoy scored a 25 and Jimmy Clausen scored a 23. America's sweetheart Tim Tebow scored a 22 on his test, infusing the Cam Newton comparisons with that much more meaning. The most famous Wonderlic score of all might be Vince Young's 6, that's right 6.

Give it shot. Take a sample Wonderlic test here