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March Madness open thread

  Yes, Rams67, this is a football first community, but it's also (and primarily) a football fan community, specifically for fans of the Rams.  And how many Ram fans watch the tournament?  What percentage?  It's gotta be above 95%, no?

  Doesn't everyone watch the tournament?  I'm not the only one who has stared at an updating scoreboard wishing I was able to watch IUPUI at 2pm instead of working, right?  Who doesn't want to watch Weber St.?  It's March Madness, and it's as much of the sporting calendar as the Super Bowl.  Yes it is.

  You know you're going to pay attention, because if you're not, everyone you know is going to wonder what the hell's wrong with you.  It's fracking March Madness.  The ultimate leveled playing field for the knowledgeable and the ignorant.  It doesn't matter if you know every starting five for every tournament.  The intern in HR who picks teams based on school names and pretty jerseys will still probably have a better bracket than you.

  So drop the knowledge right here for today.  Who's your big upsets on day 1 (and yes, this is day 1.  Those play-in games don't count)?  Morehead St.?  Richmond?  Belmont?  Anyone can get it done today.  It's Madness.