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Rams fill OL & WR needs with surprise picks in latest mock draft

Dan Kadar over at Mocking the Draft has his latest and greatest 2011 mock draft out today. As far as the St. Louis Rams are concerned it sticks with the notion floated at the Combine that Devaney will be looking for wide receiver and interior offensive line help with the team's first picks in the draft. The  players drafted by the Rams in this mock, however, are two that we have not seen associated with the Rams in mock drafts to date. 

In round one, Kadar has the Rams picking Florida OL Mike Pouncey with the 14th overall pick. Here's what Dan had to say:

This is another hot spot for a trade since it's starting to appear more and more likely that the Rams won't be able to find a wide receiver or pass rusher with this pick. They're also reportedly targeting interior offensive linemen and there is arguably no better one in this draft than Pouncey. It's a little early for him here, but it's a good need fill.

I think they could indeed find a pass rusher here, if they choose not to trade the pick. Devaney hinted at that notion at the Combine. Number 14 does indeed seem a little early for Pouncey. Some drafniks are still talking about him as a center too. I just don't see it, but he did shine at his pro day yesterday

And in the second round, Kadar gives the Rams Maryland WR Torrey Smith. Some see Smith as a first round pick, but opinions are so divergent about the second tier of receivers this year that it's hard to say. The Patriots have already made plans to workout Smith. Smith would be an option for the Rams as a flanker. 

You'll notice in Kadar's second round that Leonard Hankerson is still on the board when the Rams pick. Personally, I'd go with Hankerson before Smith.