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Florida S Ahmad Black speeds it up at his pro day

A thin group of safeties didn't do itself many favors at the Combine last month. One of the top safeties in the draft, Florida's Ahmad Black, ran a very pedestrian 4.74 (it's been reported anywhere from 4.70 to 4.78) in the forty, leading draftniks and NFL teams to wonder about his ability to cover in pros. Black really needed a strong 40 time at Florida's pro day today to help his sagging draft stock. And...

It looks like Black did improve things. He ran a 4.68 according to one report today. Meh. That's nothing special and won't ease any concerns teams have about his speed. Compare that to West Virginia's Robert Sands who ran a 4.53 at 6'4" 217 lbs or Iowa S Tyler Sash who ran a 4.63 at the Combine. Why are tenths of a second so important? In case you forgot, football's a game of inches...and microseconds. 

As for those questioning his forty time, Black had this to say:

(Brandon) Spikes ran a five flat - best football player I ever played with on defense, ever.

Another follow up to our pro day preview this morning, Kansas State RB Daniel Thomas will have a private workout on April 4. Thomas is another player who needs to reassure teams about his speed. 

While we're in the update business, Eastern Washington RB Taiwan Jones is running again. He could be ready to run on April 1. Read the whole post, it does nothing to settle concerns about Jones being an injury risk.

Josh Buchanan has reports from a couple other small school pro days today, including a couple of under-the-radar safeties at Delaware.