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Small window for teams and draft picks to talk in a lockout

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Average Joe on the street might have a better chance at getting to know the St. Louis Rams draft picks than the Rams coaches and staff. If the NFL is still in lockout mode when the 2011 NFL Draft happens Thursday, April 28 through Saturday, April 30, teams will have just a very small window to talk directly with their draft picks. 

According to the NFL, teams cannot have any contact with their draft picks after Saturday, April 30. Each team can bring their draft picks in for media availability on Friday and Saturday that weekend, but that's it. Obviously, that means teams can't sign their draft picks either. Undrafted rookie free agents, the eighth round, happens the day after the draft as teams scramble to sign the players they scouted but didn't end up getting drafted. Those guys will be on the outside looking in in the event of a lockout. 

So, the draft will happen, lockout or not; it just loses a little luster in that case.