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Tuesday pro days at Florida, Pitt and Kansas State

Today's pro day schedule is heavy on late first-round, early second-round picks. Several of the prospects working out today could fill some big roster holes for the St. Louis Rams. Traveling from east to west, midwest, here are the 2011 NFL Draft prospects to keep an eye on today.

Obviously the big name here is WR Jonathan Baldwin. Once considered to be the best of the second tier receivers behind Julio Jones and A.J. Green. He's most likely a second-round pick after a "good enough" Combine performance. Interviews will be more important for Baldwin's status as this point as teams determine whether or not they can coax a consistent performer out of him. DE Jabaal Sheard is a recent riser, but seen as a 3-4 OLB. 

If the Rams really are looking for help at WR and the interior offensive line, then Mike Pouncey is a player to watch. He has a first round grade, and would be an option for the Rams if they opted to trade down. Pro day isn't really a big deal for him. It is a big deal for S Ahmad Black, who turned in a blah 4.70 forty in Indianapolis. Black was stellar in college, so he has the tape on his side. If he can remedy the situation at his pro day, he might get up to round four or even three. MTD notes two Florida defensive linemen, Lawrence Marsh and Justin Trattou, who got snubbed for the Combine. 

Kansas State
The name to know in RB Daniel Thomas. However, he won't be running today, hurting his draft stock which was already falling after not running at the Combine. Running being kind of a key thing for a running back. Thomas was considered one of the top RBs in the draft, some had him behind Mark Ingram. Depending on what happens with his draft stock by draft time, he could be an option for the Rams in the second round...maybe third if he falls far enough. Thomas is more like Steven Jackson than the complementary back we've been mostly focused on, but he could still be an effective partner and a potential replacement.