Contemplating Life without Julio

s hard as it may sound, we here at TST must at sometime consider life without Julio Jones. I believe that his 4.39 forty time vaults him just out of the reach of our fat sausage fingers. Sure, It is possible that some team(s) may reach for a tackle and and that some other team may pick Cam Newton before us. However, I think that it is time that we confront reality and assemble our plan B. Life without Julio Jones. Yes, Billy Devanney has already done that, so we must now consider alternatives as speculators.

Because of talent and need, there are only three offensive players to even be realistically considered at 14. Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, and Mike Pouncey. There is no way we pick a tackle, a QB, TE, or another WR there. Julio will be gone, Ingram seems like a vanity pick, and Pouncey seems like a reach at 14. That leaves defense.

Next up Defense

I find it unlikely that we pick Akeem Ayers. This Front office doesn't place that much value on linebackers. Von Miller could slide, but it doesn't sound like us to take him at 14.

There is a good chance that a serious Defensive End is around when we pick. Cameron Jordan looks like a younger James Hall, capable of moving inside on third down, letting Selvey rush from the outside. Aldon Smith is also interesting. Robert Quinn may slide with a bit of luck.

The 2nd tier of defensive tackles appear to be sliding, namely Paea and Liuget. Fairly and Dareus wont be there.

So it appears to me that if we stay at 14 we will end up with an end. An end who appears to be Cameron Jordan or Aldon Smith. I'm not saying that this is a great outcome, just one that seems realistic based on our situation. There is a chance that some incredible prospect will slide. Who will we pick if we keep 14?