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Turf Show Radio recap

  Van and I were joined by Todd from Roll Bama Roll, SBN's Alabama community, on Saturday's episode of Turf Show Radio.  Gladly, RamChop and Knoxfan called in to fill in the rest of the half hour before we jumped into the overtime.

  You can listen to the show here:


  From there, you can push the show into your iTunes and download the archived episodes from there.  If you just want the mp3, you can get that from the show page as well as the other social options too.  Here's how the show broke down:

 - 2:51 - Julio, Julio, Julio

 - 9:53 - Todd gives us the Alabama view of Mark Ingram and James Carpenter

 - 12:14 - The impact of the NFL Draft on college recruiting

 - 16:04 - Other prospects to keep an eye on in the 2011 NFL Draft (i.e. Greg McElroy, Preston Dial)

 - 18:32 - Todd goes through next year's Crimson Tide roster looking for future draft prospects

 - 22:36 - RamChop calls in with cobwebs

 - 23:15 - The Rams' 2011 schedule looks pretty tough right now

 - 26:37 - Needs are needs are needs

 - 31:12 - Knoxfan joins the show

 - 31:50 - Winning with defense v. offense

 - 35:38 - lockout talk

 - 44:59 - Van mentions Albert Haynesworth and Dan Snyder immediately ends the show

  We'll have another two or three shows before the draft, so get at us next time.  Holler.