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2011 NFL mock draft: Rams find Jones at #14

Brian Galliford rolled out the latest and greatest 2011 NFL mock draft from SBNation this morning. This one has a pretty big upset in it, which we'll talk about in a minute. As far as the St. Louis Rams are concerned, said upset pick has a favorable outcome for the Rams since it allows them to draft Alabama WR Julio Jones with the 14th pick, something we haven't seen in this mock for a long time. 

Here's the wisdom on the Jones' pick, as if you needed any further explanation as to why the Rams needed a receiver.

While Jones was blowing up the NFL Combine, the mantra surrounding him was "he won't last past St. Louis at 14." Sam Bradford needs targets, and teaming Jones with Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery is a great start.

That doesn't really get at the heart of why exactly Jones fell to #14 in this mock. Jones was the pick in the last SBN mock, partly because of the appearance of Cam Jordan in the first 13 picks. ESPN's Mel Kiper had the Washington Redskins taking Jones in his mock last week and the Rams with DT Corey Liuget.

Galliford's biggest curve ball: Washington taking QB Jake Locker with the 10th pick. Hold on there, it's not such a wild idea. Galliford explains the method to his madness:

Once upon a time, Mike Shanahan took a quarterback from a bad program that struggled to complete 60% of his passes No. 11 overall. Jake Locker has better upside and better intangibles than did Jay Cutler, and fits Shanahan's offense well.

Starting to make some sense, no? If there's anyone in the NFL cocksure enough to think he can mold a QB, it's Redskins coach Mike Shanahan. At any rate, Rams fans better hope Locker gets picked early on in the draft, taking one less potential Jones suitor out of the mix.