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Random Ramsdom, 3/12: Lockout, schmockout

What are people saying about the Rams decision to hire Josh McDaniels?

What are people saying about the Rams decision to hire Josh McDaniels?

Guten Morgen, meine Freunde. Hier ist eine Sammlung von Nachrichten finden Sie interessante können. Sie riechen wie Bratwurst.


- If you haven't listened to last night's episode of Turf Show Radio, check it out. Todd from Roll Bama Roll filled us in on Julio Jones, Mark Ingram and other potential Rams, and RamChop and KnoxFan filled in the back half of the show.

- Jim Thomas, Post-Dispatch scrivener, goes through the contingency plan for the Rams now that the lockout is in full effect. While the lockout may be truncated if the courts decide it's not applicable during litigation, you still have to have a plan, since coaches, at least for one team, could be fired if they contact their players.

- NFL Mocks thought I would be a quality interview. Boy were they wrong. And I don't think I've ever been called "beloved." Makes me think of Danny Glover and Oprah. Ew.

- Speaking of mocks, Draft Tek's newest "what if" investigates how the draft could play out if the Rams trade up to take A.J. Green. Begin chin stroking.

- Aaron Hooks and Dan Moore penned a solid pair of articles at SBN St. Louis. Hooks identifies three major areas where the Rams are going to hurt as long as the lockout continues: player, fan and franchise development. Dan looks at the lingering effects of Daylight Savings Time on St. Louis sports teams. My favorite line:

Steve Spagnuolo's four pillars—faith, core values, character, team first, fear, denial, horniness, wisdom, sleepiness, and depression—say nothing about squirreling an hour of the year away for personal gain.

The non-Rams world

- Bernie Miklasz tackles the lockout and summarizes what everybody not being paid by the league is thinking: we don't care anymore. Just hurry up and get it done.

- The conference championships in college basketball have been pretty damn mad, but if you don't count those, March Madness is almost here. Obviously, the SB Nation front page will be flooded with related content (I put that in future tense even though it already is...), but if you need a great SBN community for the Madness, I urge you to check out Blogging the Bracket.

- And make sure to join the TST March Madness contest (thanks, Swag). Make sure you sign up so you learn new school names: Mofford, Hulbreth St., and LIUUPIIUI. Awareness, people.