College basketball tournament sign up sheet

It's that time of year again where madness happens on the courts in college basketball.

The selection show is on CBS at 5:00pm CT, Sunday. If you want some friendly competition join this ESPN bracket. The group name is turfshowtimes, so search that if the link isn't working. Password is gorams. A very nice fellow named 3k said he would front page this, so that's why I'm making an official sign up sheet.

Edit by Swag11: Unless it's obvious list your name, so we know who you are. My name is srdmad1041171.

(3k's note at 12:27pm ET)

First, NFL Mocks calls me beloved. Now I'm a very nice fellow? What the hell is going on?!

(3k's note at 6:57pm ET)

You can set your brackets up now. Join the Madness and claim your right to be called the king of TST Bracketology. This might help you in choosing who gets out of the first two rounds: