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Turf Show Radio (Mar. 12th) open thread

  Turf Show Radio goes live in two hours.  I'm throwing this up early for those of you who may be away from your digital compustation terminal when the show starts.

  We'll be joined by Todd from Roll Bama Roll, the SBN community for the Crimson Tide.  With Julio Jones, Mark Ingram and James Carpenter all potential additions to the Rams in the upcoming draft, I figured he'd be a great guest to pull from the college ranks to give us some insight as to what he's seen from those guys during their time in Tuscaloosa, any future Alabama players to keep an eye on, and anything else.  The rumor is Todd bathes in bourbon and slaps babies for fun, so he should fit in well with Van and I.

  Just a reminder: Turf Show Radio can't be locked out.  We ain't got no collective bargaining rights, sucka!  So call us at (818) 495-6910 any time from 6-6:30pm ET to talk about anything.  Yes, even the lockout.

(Update from 3k at 7:05pm ET)

Here's the audio from the show.  Upload it to your iPod, iPad or iBrain at will: