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NFL Lockout open thread: Decertification and headed to court?

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Is the NFLPA going to play the biggest card in its hand and decertify? It's possible. NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith told players in an afternoon conference call that the union planned to deliver the official letter of decertification to the NFL today, in time for the 5 p.m. deadline. 

Hold on though, it does not mean all is lost. Many believe that this is just a show of force, an effort to say to owners that the union will indeed decertify and send the labor battle to court. 

But wait. News coming in now from Yahoo's Michael Silver says that the NFL made an offer to "split the difference" which I'm assuming must be the $750 million or so owners wanted in additional revenue off the top. If so, that's a reasonable offer, or it seems like one from this vantage point. 

Here's the really bad news: Silver says that the NFLPA rejected the offer and it's headed to court. If so, that means we'll be in the midst of a lockout in just a couple hours. 

Stay tuned though. Lots of contradictory info flying around right now.

(update from 3k at 3:54pm ET) I figured we'd just convert this to an open thread and update throughout the day.  I'm not the only one with CBA malaise am I?  Does anyone really want more posts about the labor situation?

FWIW, Dan Kaplan from the Sports Business Journal just quoted a source saying, "nfl players are set leave negotiating and go to court to decertify."

(update from 3k at 4:03pm ET) NFL Network, per multiple sources, now reporting the union has decided to dissolve.

(update from 3k at 4:06pm ET) Now the network reporting the union has asked for a delay and has not yet, in fact, dissolved.  Some accuracy would be nice.

(update from 3k at 4:45pm ET) NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith just said the union has asked for the last ten years' worth of audited financial info.  Must be delivered by 5:00pm.  Yikes.  And in case you're just front-page trolling, hit the comments for the photocalypse.

(update from 3k at 5:01pm ET) Chris Mortensen and NFL Network now reporting the NFLPA has applied for decertification.  And begin.