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NFL Lockout: Resolution coming?

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Ask yourself, do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you? Regardless of how lucky or optimistic you're feeling on the last day of labor negotiations between the NFL and the NFLPA, you may have an answer sooner rather than later today. Is labor peace just a few hours away or should you start brushing up on hockey? 

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith says that he plans to update players on the situation at 2 p.m. Eastern. What information he has for players is entirely dependent on where things go today. Maybe yesterday's Twitter war was just immaturity and frustration, tempers boiling over after a day of enough brinkmanship to make John Foster Dulles roll over in his grave. 

Another faint glimmer of hope came this morning from none other than Jerry Jones himself. According to Daniel Kaplan from the Sports Business Journal, Jones predicted, "hopefully we will have something for you in an hour or two." That would be stupendous, but perhaps a bit optimistic. 

Finally, if you really want some optimism, how about this from SI's Jim Trotter:

I got a feeling (which could be indigestion) that we're going to have labor peace.

Let's hope.

There's another possibility mentioned by Peter King. He says that free agency and the league year could begin anyway. Essentially, if the CBA goes to court there's a chance that the NFL could revert to 2010 CBA rules while the case gets settled. Maybe.