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Steven Jackson offers his take on the 18-game season

St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson spoke out on the NFL labor situation yesterday, offering his opinion on the progress of talks, player compensation and the 18-game season. Jackson's not the first superstar to offer his opinion on the CBA talks, but he is the highest profile Rams player to offer a detailed opinion on the subject. And just what did Jackson have to say?

Jackson knows injuries, having been leaned on by the mostly talentless Rams for a few seasons. Naturally, Jackson is not a fan of the extended season. "I don't think (owners) understand the wear and tear on the body," Jackson told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, adding that he believes the longer season would shorten the average NFL career from three to two years. 

The three-time Pro Bowl running back and Rams' all-time leading rusher echoed players stating his desire to see the savings from a rookie wage scale be redirected to veteran players' salaries.

It wasn't all doom and gloom from SJ39. He expressed optimism in how far the two sides have come since talks started.