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Good news (?): CBA mediation sessions to continue tomorrow

You take what good news you can get with the CBA anymore. Today's good news come from Seattle's Chester Pitts, representing the players. Pitts told reporters camped out near the Federal Mediation building in downtown Washington DC that he was "cautiously optimistic" about the day's talks and that they will continue tomorrow, according to's Don Banks

NFL Network's Albert Breer relayed a quote from Pitts that's sure to warm the cockles of your jaded heart.

Why is this significant, er, as significant as things can be when there's really nothing new to report? Albert Brandt of ESPN and the National Football Post wrote yesterday to keep an eye out for any signals that both sides have had a chance to talk things over in their respective camps as that may signal a willingness to negotiate. 

Is this a sign that the NFL and the NFLPA might be willing to work on this? It's about as close as it gets given just how far things have dissolved to this point.