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49ers to cut Nate Clements?

Another player mentioned by Schefter today as a likely cutis 49ers CB Nate Clements. The 31-year-old is due more than $7 million in salary this year, and possibly another $7 million plus over the life of his remaining contract. If he does get the ax, Clements could be an interesting free agent candidate to keep an eye on, when and if free agency actually gets started. 

The Rams have two solid starting corners with Ron Bartell and Bradley Fletcher. What they don't have beyond either of those two corners is much depth, as we saw this season when Bartell was forced to miss snaps because of an injury and that weird situation in the loss to the 49ers when Fletcher was benched in favor of Kevin Dockery. Clements would be a smart add for the Rams, depending on what kind of price he commands and how much the Rams want to spend.

They also have Jerome Murphy who needs to/is expected to take a leap forward in his second season. I'm a believer on Murphy, but you still need more than three corners on the roster, especially given the injury history with the two starters. Of course, San Francisco could have an interest in brining back Clements on a new, cheaper contract.