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Three prospects the Rams have spoken with at the Combine

Players meet with plenty of teams at the Combine, so a meeting with a particular player and team isn't exactly a big tell. That's especially true for players higher up on the draft board. For players down the boards a little, it does give you a little insight as to some of the names teams are including on their lists. 

The St. Louis Rams undoubtedly met with plenty of players themselves at the Combine this weekend. Here are some of the players a little further down the draft board than Julio Jones that the Rams met with.

West Virginia SS Robert Sands

Sands is huge for a safety at 6'4" 217 lbs. He did 12 reps on the bench and his wing span measured 33 3/8 inches. Sands is listed as both a free and strong safety by various scouting services. The defensive backs workout tomorrow. Is Sands the second round safety Rams GM Billy Devaney is "drooling" over? Doubt it. Second round is a little high; however, the Rams have graded their defensive backs a little differently than others in the past, so you never know. One man's reach is another gem. More on Sands here

Tulsa RB Charles Clay

Here's an interesting player. Clay isn't like the other running backs the Rams have talked to so far, the speedy scatback types like Kendall Hunter and Jacquizz Rodgers. In fact, you won't find him in the RB listings because he's considered by many to be a FB, but not your father's full back. Clay plays all over the field, FB, TE, in the slot, etc. He's a late round pick. Could be a versatile role player for the offense and a special teamer. 

Texas DE Sam Acho

Had a longer report on Acho from Friday

Here's a fun little project. Get thy self over to the YouToobes and start breaking down video on these guys. We'll feature it on the front page. 

Here's video of Robert Sands taking questions at the Combine on Sunday.