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Which players should the Rams cut?

It was a bloody Wednesday in Cleveland today. Pat Shurmur's new team gave six players the ax today, including NT Shaun Rogers. Along with Atlanta S Erik Coleman and St. Louis Rams FB Mike Karney, that's a pretty notable group of players to get released this time of year, such is life during CBA uncertainty. 

But this isn't a post to rant about the CBA. This is an opportunity to talk other potential roster cuts that could or should be in the works for the Rams. Karney's release wasn't a big surprise given the Rams move toward a more spread-lke offense. Coleman and Rogers got released they were players whose contract outweighed their value on the field. The most obvious similar contract situation for the Rams is SS James Butler

So put on your GM hats and pretend that you're Billy Devaney. Which players would you start with? Which players don't fit with what you understand to be the Rams' vision for the future? Ram Chop got a head start in his post earlier today, so you can start there.

The Rams roster is available on the team's official web site. A list of player contract is available here at Rotoworld's awesome new NFL contract database

Ok, let us know which cuts we should start talking about.