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Mike Karney back to New Orleans?

Could the New Orleans Saints reunite with FB Mike Karney?
Could the New Orleans Saints reunite with FB Mike Karney?

The St. Louis Rams released FB Mike Karney yesterday. They did it on the first day that teams were able to release players, as part of an arrangement with Karney to give him a better shot at landing with another team. He might not have to wait very long to find his next team. 

Talk is bubbling up in a few corners of the internet. One possibility? New Orleans, the team that cut Karney in 2009, making him a free agent that the Rams signed that year. Kareny got cut as the Saints brought in Heath Evans, he of New England fame, but Evans was lost to a knee injury. Whether he recovered fully or not, his play in 2010 was hardly noteworthy. Some New Orleans watchers would like for him to return to the Big Easy

A fan blog over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer recommends that the Seahawks to bring in Karney to serve as their blocking fullback. Keep an eye on the offenses that still use FBs as lead blockers, and not a hybrid position FB/TE. That's where Karney would most likely end up next season.