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A note on #VetoSeto, and a quick rant

No one blog should have all that power...(<a href="">via</a>)
No one blog should have all that power...(via)

  In the past, I've held the torch for this site, for "bloggers", for anyone who is generally considered part of "them" by the established media punditry "us."  Granted, I'm pretty far back in the crowd, but I've been there.  That's why I'm always glad/proud/sweaty whenever SB Nation gets stronger as a network and we show a little muscle.

  I know we've got a strong Los Angeles contingent here, so bear with me if I take some drama and condense it to a length generally reserved for Twitter.  For those of you not in the area or who don't follow college football that closely, you may not know UCLA has been searching for a new defensive coordinator since Chuck Bullough was fired in mid-December.  About a week ago, former USC linebacker and Pete Carroll disciple Rocky Seto emerged as a likely candidate for the position.  Bruins Nation, the SBN community for UCLA, wasn't having it.

  Launching a #VetoSeto campaign, Bruins Nation made a difference.  Was that difference the leading factor in Seto's non-hiring?  Maybe.  Whether it was the leading factor or not isn't of the most importance.  It's the plausibility.

  When ESPN's Pac-10 blogger links to Bruins Nation as the sole authority speaking on behalf of Bruins fans, it suggests preeminence.  That's what motivates me.  That each SBN community can bring in fans, true, committed fans, is what pulls me into this network.  Good on you, Bruins Nation.

  Some of you don't really care about this kind of fodder, but it's important.  It is.  When Rob Neyer joins SB Nation from ESPN and offers this quote from a former colleague:

"I just thought the comments section was for them, not for us."

that's all I need.  Fans aren't "them."  Ah, midday ranting.  So good for the blood pressure