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Random Ramsdom, 2/9: Why the Rams released Mike Karney now

Why did the St. Louis Rams decide to release Mike Karney so early in the offseason?
Why did the St. Louis Rams decide to release Mike Karney so early in the offseason?

The St. Louis Rams made their first major roster move of the offseason yesterday, releasing FB Mike Karney. Will additional roster moves follow as the offseason moves along? It's very possible. Let's take a look at the morning's headlines.

Why release Karney now?
More on Karney's release from the PD. Turns out that he and the Rams agreed to the early release to give him a chance to land with another team before the lockout. It was a mutual decision according to Karney.

Speculation about another player's chances of making the roster with a new offensive coordinator in St. Louis, 2011 NFL Draft prospect news and much more after the jump.

Can Fendi Onobun make the Rams roster in 2011?

In Tuesday's live chat, Post-Dispatch football writer Jim Thomas speculated on the challenge at hand for TE Fendi Onobun. Having already missed most of his rookie season, the project tight end now has to learn a new playbook along with transition to the NFL game. Onobun, remember, played just one year of college football at Houston. He was a member of Arizona's DI basketball team before that.

Final 2010 power rankings

Pete Prisco at CBS Sports puts the Rams at #19 to finish out his final power rankings for the season that was. I hope there's football next year, because I'd hate to leave it hanging at #19.

Taiwan Jones won't run at NFL Scouting Combine

Eastern Washington running back Taiwan Jones confirmed on the NFL Draft Countdown podcast Tuesday night that he wouldn't be able to participate in the 40-yard dash at the combine. That will hurt his draft stock, unless he can salvage it with the private workout or pro day. We discussed Jones in this post yesterday..

Meet Maria Spagnuolo

St. Louis' KTVI did a Super Bowl Sunday profile of Maria Spagnuolo, Steve's wife. See the video here.

Breaking down the Collins' interception

Those of you hungry for some Xs and Os will want to check out this breakdown of Nick Collins' Super Bowl interception.