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Julian Peterson and the Rams at 14

  Yesterday, I threw out that Prince Amukamara could change the Rams' options in the first round should a poor combine showing hurt his draft stock.  Wes Bunting from the National Football Post certainly didn't do the Rams any favors this morning when he opined that Amukamara wasn't worth a top 10 draft pick.

  Just for your evening thoughts, I'll throw out another name that could have a similar impact, albeit for different reasons: Detroit Lions OLB Julian Peterson.  Peterson, as noted by Pride of Detroit, is likely to be released soon, chiefly due to his salary through the next two years.

  If the Lions do indeed part ways with Peterson and the magical CBA fairy doesn't wave her wand in the next two months, the possibility that the Lions take a OLB one spot before the Rams' pick in the first round seems that much more plausible.  It was just three days ago that Mocking the Draft co-editor Jon Dove mocked UCLA's Akeem Ayers to the Lions.  Although in the minds of some, that wouldn't be the worse endstate from the Rams' point of view if Ayers does join the club of first round busts.