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Super Bowl Commercial puts Rams fans on Sesame Street

You remember the NFL Super Bowl commercial, the one that took classic TV characters and superimposed team gear on them? It was actually one of the better commercials of the game, despite Alf's allegiance to the yet-to-exist Carolina Panthers.

And which TV personality represented the St. Louis Rams? Well, your kids might like the answer better than you. It was the sheep from Sesame Street. Yep, that's better than the Texans who got left out of the ad altogether.

The NFC West was represented by Ralph Wiggum (Seattle), John Stamos from Full House (San Francisco) and Todd Flanders (Arizona). The Simpsons figured heavily into the mix for the whole ad, which begs the questions why not the same ad with Simpsons characters. I'd watch it.

Here's the commercial.