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These eyes see big things for the Rams

Does the future look even better for the St. Louis Rams through these glasses?
Does the future look even better for the St. Louis Rams through these glasses?

Which St. Louis Rams player can see an even brighter future with through these glasses?

The answer might surprise, possibly even worry you.

See who it is after the jump.

Yep, it's none other than Rookie of the Year Sam Bradford looking sharp in his specs at one of the promotional events for his AXE product endorsement. 


Do you think he had to get those in order to read Josh McDaniels' playbook? Good thing the rookie hazing period is over for him. 


And in the interest of full disclosure, I too wear glasses. Which of course should be expected of bloggers given the low light in our mothers' basements. Regardless of why you wear them (even if it's just for fashion accessory) let me say, from one glasses wearer to another, welcome to the elite. 

And the jacket pocket...does it say hipster? Does Oklahoma have hipsters? Does Missouri for that matter? Maybe it's for ping pong accessories.

Aaron Hooks of SBNation St. Louis had a man on the scene when Bradford got his hair cut in NYC last month. Be sure to check out his pics from the event. Hooks' video below has 10 minutes of raw interview with the just-sheared Bradford. 

Finally, thanks to AXE (things I never thought I'd hear myself saying) for their promos around this. As someone who used to lump AXE products in the category as FourLoko, it's proof of what a good social media marketing campaign can really do.